Symbols and Their Meaning

The USDA Certified Organic Foods Symbol – ensure they were grown, harvested and produced in an environment which is both natural and sustainable. Being free from chemicals and synthetic pesticides ensures the integrity of the tea is withheld on its journey from a budding leaf to your cup.

The Fairtrade Symbol – To appreciate the life that we lie, we sometimes need to look at those who help provide it to us. Millions of people in living in the Global South desire a higher standard of living, improved working conditions, economic stability, better health care and education. Through our partnership with Fairtrade Canada, Moteas is able to make this become a reality. Fairtrade allows farmers and workers in developing countries to make a better living through fair prices, direct trade, community development and environmental stewardship.

The Bio-Degradable Symbol – The ability for one to sustain his/her lifestyle with continues improvements is dependent on the well-being of the natural workd and the decisions that we as a society make as a whole. Moteas is committed to global sustainability. Our commitment to use Bio-degradable tea sachets and recyclable packaging is only the beginning of our journey. Out 100% Bio-degradable tea sachets are made from natural origin and are environmentally-friendly, ensuring no footprint is left behind.

The MOTEAS Quality Taste Symbol – ensures your complete fulfillment. Each whole-leaf premium tea has been tested for excellence by expert tea masters. When sourcing our teas and tisanes around the world it was imperative for us to source only the highest quality. We worked diligently to develop the beautiful flavour profiles each of our teas has; while at the same time, maintaining the integrity of the original tea leaf.

The Guarantee of Purity Symbols – Similar to Champagne and Port in regards to labeling. The Tea Board of India has issued us certification stating that our teas are 100% certified Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri respectively. This ʻGuarantee of Purityʼ or ʻCertificate of Originʼ ensures that 100% of the tea used have come directly from tea estates in the associated regions of India.

The Light Up India Symbol/Logo – Our mission is to eliminate the use of dangerous kerosene oil lamps throughout our tea estates and throughout the global south. We are committed to donating $0.10 from every 20ct. box of MOTEAS towards the purchase of a solar powered LED lantern, which will in turn be gifted to a family in one of our tea estates.