Our Story

In the fall of 2005, Pierre and Amber Piché started MOTEAS. Both having graduated from Okanagan University College with Bachelors of Business, they were well prepared and excited to start a tea business. With their love of tea and their desire to travel, tea was a natural fit. Amber & Pierre spent almost 18 months developing the brand MOTEAS, tasting numerous teas from around the world and doing market research. When they launched MOTEAS it was a very exciting time for them, as they also welcomed their first son. Two years later, a second baby boy joined the family and now, together with their dog, they enjoy life in the Sunny Okanagan.

In the summer of 2009, MOTEAS took a different direction. Pierre and Amber decided to expand their tea portfolio by adding a specialty line of bagged tea. The tea would be sourced from around the world and be Organic Certified and Certified Fair Trade. As well, the bag itself would be 100% biodegradable. They were able to accomplish this goal and have just recently launched this new line of tea.

As tea is becoming ever more poplar in the North American market, Pierre and Amber have hopes to expand this line with a variety of flavours. If you have any requests or suggestions, your feedback is much appreciated.

Interesting Fact: The name ‘MOTEAS’ is a play on words from ‘more tea’. If you say ‘more tea’ with an English accent it sounds like ‘mo tea’ or MOTEAS as we have put it.