Light Up India

Our Mission…

is to eliminate the use of dangerous kerosene oil lamps throughout our tea estates and throughout the global south.

1.6 billion people still use kerosene lamps, resulting in 200 billion kg of soot and CO2 being emitted each year.

Gas emissions from these lanterns are responsible for respiratory infections, lung and throat cancers, eye infections and other such health concerns. Acute respiratory infections are responsible for killing nearly 2 million children in the global south each and every year.

We are committed to donating $0.10 from every 20ct. box of MOTEAS towards the purchase of a solar powered LED lantern.

Inside each box of MOTEAS you will find a card and on the back a 9-digit code. Simply e-mail us your code and we will donate $0.10 towards our program, Light up India.


The United Nations has developed a list of eight (8) Millenium Goals.
Their goal is to end poverty by 2015. Two of the eight goals, our Light up India Program will help to achieve.

Goal 4 – Reduce Child Mortality

Goal 8 – Develop a Global Partnership for Development